Other freelance work


MajestyGadget - Windows 7 desktop gadget

This application was a quick experiment to address the needs of a small community desiring to stay informed about the Majesty Group’s website updates. This application runs only on Windows 7 and was created using Flex, Actionscript 3.0, HTML, Javascript and Adobe Photoshop CS5. The MajestyGadget received positive feedback from the community and its success created a need to develop an application that runs on other operating systems.

MajestyRSS - Adobe AIR Application

For this new application, I decided to use the Adobe AIR framework because it provided an easy way to make the application compatible with Windows, Linux and MacOS and also provided some other features that could accelerate the development process. The application provides the following features:

  • Notifies the user about updates from Majesty Group’s websites
  • Allows the user to listen to Radio Majesty
  • Allows the user to rate the songs and radio programs broadcasted
  • Allows the users to add their own RSS links

This application was created using Flex Builder 4 IDE, Actionscript 3.0 as the programming language and Photoshop CS4 for designing purposes. VirtualBox was used to test the application on different operating systems.

Sole developer of more than 15 projects created for a variety of clients using different technologies and programming languages. Most of these projects are listed in my online portfolio available on: http://portfolio.fidi.ro.

http://web.fidi.ro This is my personal Flash based website created using different pieces of graphics subtracted from various images, processed and blended in Photoshop, exported as PNG files and combined in Flash to simulate a 3D scene. The website also features a Polaroid like Flash Photo Gallery created from grounds up. The albums and photos are dynamically generated by a PHP script that scans the webserver’s folder structure. The script then passes the data to the Flash Gallery through an XML file.

http://relenschi.fidi.ro Another Flash website created from scratch for a Romanian artist based on one of his paintings. The code was written in Actionscript 3.0 and PHP and I used Photoshop CS5 for design purposes.

www.activgroup.es A website made for a Spanish company providing services in the construction industry. It was build using HTML, PHP, Javascript, JQuery, Photoshop CS5 and SimpleViewer Flash Gallery. I also build the logo and the business card for this company.

Logos, banners and other graphics I also created numerous graphics like logos, banners, book covers, calendars, business cards, wedding albums, photo collages, wedding clips, paper bookmarks etc.

Technologies used:

  • Photoshop,
  • Wordpress,
  • Javascript,
  • jQuery,
  • PHP,
  • MySQL,
  • Flash,
  • Actionscript 3,
  • HTML,
  • CSS