Highways International shop


This e-commerce website was created to meet some of the company’s development plans. They are planning to use it for selling and advertising some of their vehicles and accessories. I created this website using Magento CMS and my contribution to the framework included:

  • Customizing the Magento template
  • Creating a new layout for the product’s pictures
  • Installing and customizing LightBox plug-in to preview pictures
  • Adding and customizing the slideshow displayed on the homepage and the catalogue’s page
  • Redesigning the slideshow’s behaviour in order to import the data from the Magento’s database
  • Adding a backend facility which indicated if a product is displayed in the slideshow or not
  • Creating product types and adding new attributes to products
  • Simplifying the backend menus for editors
  • Removing unnecessary fields that were required when editors tried to add new products
  • Installing plug-in and changing different settings to optimize the speed
  • Creating templates for newsletter, adding new payment methods etc.

For this website I used Adobe Photoshop CS4 to maintain the front-end and PHP, HTML, DHTML, Javascript for development purposes. The data is stored in a MySQL database and it’s accessed mainly through Magento’s API.

Technologies used:

  • HTML5,
  • PHP,
  • CSS3,
  • MySQL,
  • Magento