Warning regarding 'npm test' command


This is a school boy error but it ate more than half a day of my lifetime.
I’ve decided to give tape testing framework a go after coming across an article of Eric Elliott in Medium.

The issue I had was that my express server wasn’t closing after all the tests were completed or the test was timing out.
After some digging I noticed tape was running more tests than the actual amount of tests defined in my project. Next step was to go through all my tests and make sure I didn’t have any strange logic or weird syntax in my files.

Everything was fine there so I realised that my npm test command in package.json was the culprit.
It looked like this: "test": "tape test/**/*.js" when it should obviously look like this: "test": "tape ./test/**/*.js"; otherwise it would launch your test command against all test directories and subdirectories inside your project.


Apart from the issue above, I found out that the express server was hanging due to the winston-graylog2 package not closing connections properly. The issue is reported here.